king so1omon is an experienced mc and writer emerging in the Nc indie music scene.


King So1omon can be described as a conscious Boom Bap MC. He originates from Detroit, MI but soon found his home in Wilmington, NC. His influences are Kool G Rap, Rakim Allah, Nas, Oddisee and MindsOne. He's well known for his ability to freestyle whenever the rhythm of Boom Bap is produced. He's performed at various venues and his soundscape of musical context surpasses time with it's intellectual format. There's never a doubt about King So1omon's attributes of delivering positive and realistic messages within his music. Many say his music has the "rewind factor" because they can gain a different perspective every time they play it and/or hear it. King So1omon also represents Soulful Street Music LLC, which is a production company that produces soundscapes of timeless music. King So1omon's one of the illest MC's in the NC underground community.  He's most known for his unique lyricsm but conscious style, and delivery of Boom Bap Hip Hop which canvases his passion. He's a perspective with a wide variety of contextual art, emerging out of NC's underground Hip Hop realm. His intentions are clear. Once you hear his work, you've immediately evolved to a realm of higher thought and rhythm. Pure musical sustenance!